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A horse I let go six years ago and regretted it every day since! I was lucky enough to be able to purchase him back last week.
Farrier and a check over by Casey, and we are back in work together.
Everyone met by good friend and heart healer - TANK❣️
See you the trails - Deana


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Like the saying goes if you set it free and it comes back its yours.. Lol I saw him for sale too. Pretty cool Deana think of it as a gift from dwayne.

How grand is that lovely story..

Kerrie Hitchins

Sarah Bourke 😍

That’s awesome ❀️

He's adorable 😍😍😍 Hope I can ride him when I visit.

We love all your wonderful horses Deana and are so privalaged to come and ride them. ❣to Beer.


Julie Barthélémy

What a beauty!

Dream come true I guess. He's a looker. Congrats. πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’š

That is really cool Deana!

That’s awesome!!!

What a beauty he is ❀️ so special you got to get him back ❀️

He’s a beauty! 😍

Deana this is just so special!!

He looks super happy too!


Nice one!!

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1 week ago


This says it all. We close up High Country Horses in the peak of our season to support the community. We take many horses down (who enjoy the change of pace) our staff have a chance to give back to the town. WHAT A DAY!

Lakes Weekly Bulletin
The biggest community fundraiser for Glenorchy brings all the Queenstowners to the GY Races! We head along with the crowd and find out why this annual event is so popular with outta town folk! #grassrootsracing #gyraces #saltoftheearth #notab #nofashioninthefield #dogsallowed #byo #topofthelake #justanotherqueenstowneratthegyraces #neverstopexploring ~LIKE~COMMENT~SHARE: LWBTV YeeeHa!!! Check out our Youtube Channel :

2 weeks ago


To my amazing team, I personally want to β€œThank you” for looking after our horses and each other. ❀️ you guys were great. Now go rest, we have work tomorrow πŸ€—πŸ€£πŸ€— ...

To my amazing team, I personally want to β€œThank you” for looking after our horses and each other. ❀️ you guys were great. Now go rest, we have work tomorrow πŸ€—πŸ€£πŸ€—Image attachment


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Diane - nice photos of Shaun !

Awesome! Love the t-shirts

Quick question what’s this lovely pony’s name

Thank YOU so much Deana for making this day happen! ❀🐎

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Double banking. Always a fun race to watch. HCH 4th and 5th ...


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Jenny Blezard-GrochJenny πŸ˜†

Debs Thompson imagine Kate in this. She would annihilate

Julianne Borley😯😯

Looks like a amazing day!!! Need to go one day xx

Craig Utter!! We should do this next time we are in NZ!! I get to ride in the saddle though πŸ˜‚

Rolf Rolf rolf

Hayley Rose Fodie lets go next year

Lizi Reese ! What happened to the wonderful takamatua horse races ? They were the best day out !! I’m asking you cause you’re a local ... xx

That looks like Gizzy

Leah Weedon we could try this πŸ˜‚

Glenda Johnston look what we are missing

Kate Rose Macpherson

Oh jesys dont let the animal rights people see this πŸ™„

Cyndi-horse culture in Glenorchy

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