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Paradise Combo Package

For Beginner to Experienced Riders

This is a full day trek that is catered for the novice to experienced riders and is a great way to learn more or ride different terrain and enjoy a day up the head of the lake.  In the morning you will ride the Rees River Trail, which will allow the experienced rider some opportunities to pick up the pace.  Following this, you will head to Glenorchy township where you can enjoy lunch before heading out to Paradise to ride the area involved in the Lord of the Rings. This trail, through the Paradise Trust’s forest and overlooking the Dart Valley, is set at a leisurely walk to give you an opportunity to take in these amazing views.  By the end of the day, you would have crossed rivers, ridden in virgin beech forest, looked out over Isengard and seen vistas that will take your breath away. A fantastic horse ride for all levels of riding experience – come and enjoy the lifestyle! A great way to make the most of a unique day in Glenorchy.


Season: All Year Round
Duration: 4-5 hour Horse trek, allow 8 hours return
Min Age: 10 years old
Max Weight: 95kg
We Provide: Helmets and wet weather gear if required
Please Bring: Long trousers, suitable sturdy footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen. During winter please bring warm layers including socks, gloves, scarf
Rider Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced – (Click here to find out what rider level best describes you.)
Cost: $405.00 per person self-drive
Cost with Transfer: $425.00 per person from Queenstown
Departures: 9:00 am – 243 Priory Road, Glenorchy
Information: Allow 1 hour travel time from Queenstown – Glenorchy
Base: 243 Priory Road, Glenorchy

“Wonderful experience for the whole family. River crossings were fun as was the whole adventure. Thanks Deana for the opportunity to ride your beautiful and so well cared for horses, you shuld be proud of your staff and animals”



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SAFETY:  The safety of our horses, staff and clients are paramount.  While every effort is taken to match one of our horses temperaments with the riders ability,  it is important to remember that a horse has a mind of its own and so a good account of your riding experience and ability is imperative to ensure you have an enjoyable time.  We have a variety of horses that are suited to different riding levels, please consider the guide below before selecting your riding level.

What Rider Level Best Describes You?

(A) EXPERIENCED  Someone who has ridden for a number of years and is confident on any horses with any temperaments.  A person who will enjoy a forward responsive horse.
(B) INTERMEDIATE  Someone who can rise to the trot and sit to a canter comfortably, and can control their horse within, and independently, of the group.  A person who will enjoy a more responsive horse.
(C&D) BEGINNER  Someone who has never ridden before or has only ridden a few times in a controlled environment.  Or someone who has lost their nerve and just wants to go quietly to enjoy the view and be with their quiet natured horse.

TRACK AND RIVER CONDITIONS:  Weather in the high country can be extremely changeable and therefore cause river and track conditions to become dangerous to ride across or to ride at a faster pace.  Therefore it is imperative each rider adheres to the direction of our qualified guide during the trek.  While every effort is made to accommodate the intermediate and experienced rider's wishes we must consider yours and our horse's safety first.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Please click here for more information. 条款和条件 .




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