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Terms & Conditions

All reasonable steps are taken by High Country Horses to mitigate accidents, however, horse riding, as with any sporting activities has its risks and all riders do ride at their own risk.

Riders must wear protective helmets supplied for the entire time for their own safety.

If riders are unsure of suitability of footwear or clothing please advise staff before mounting your horse. We have a supply of coats, helmets and boots.

We allow drink bottles on our shorter rides, but please ask for a holder for your saddle.

Personal belongings such as cameras and cellphones are welcome, although all personal items taken along are the rider’s responsibility and are carried at rider’s own risk.

We do not allow clients to ride with backpacks/handbags or large cameras. High Country Horses is not responsible for any breakage or loss of any items. Lost property will be returned at the client’s cost.

Please advise your guides of any medical conditions or medication that you need to carry with you. We would ask that you notify us of any conditions that may hinder your ride.

Whilst riding through some of the most pristine countryside in New Zealand, we would ask that you respect it. Please carry all litter back to Queenstown or Glenorchy for disposal.

Our staff are here to make sure your journey is one of enjoyment and safety. Please listen to their instructions and follow them. This is for your safety and the safety of our other riders and our horses.

On arrival please ensure that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions by completing the waiver form.

What Rider Level Best Describes You?

(A) EXPERIENCED  Someone who has ridden for a number of years and is confident on any horses with any temperaments.  A person who will enjoy a forward responsive horse.
(B) INTERMEDIATE  Someone who can rise to the trot and sit to a canter comfortably, and can control their horse within, and independently, of the group.  A person who will enjoy a more responsive horse.
(C&D) BEGINNER Someone who has never ridden before or has only ridden a few times in a controlled environment.  Or someone who has lost their nerve and just wants to go quietly to enjoy the view and be with their quiet natured horse.

TRACK AND RIVER CONDITIONS:  Weather in the high country can be extremely changeable and therefore cause river and track conditions to become dangerous to ride across or to ride at a faster pace.  Therefore it is imperative each rider adheres to our qualified guides direction during the trek.  While every effort is made to accommodate the intermediate and experienced riders wishes we must consider yours and our horses safety first.

Please email us at or phone 0508 59 59 59 if you need any more information. 


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